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    Why C.Y.G. Glass Clips?

    Our clips work on both stemmed and stemless glassware, plus are super easy to use! They simply attach onto the rim of your glass!  Use them on your stemless wine glasses, acrylic cups, martini glasses, solo cups, shot glasses, and more!

    How thick of a glass can the clips be used on?

    We recommend using on glasses up to 2mm thick.  Great for wine, cocktail glasses, etc.   Not recommended for thicker glasses or mugs.

    Will the clips fall off?

    No, our clips are designed to always stay affixed to the rim of your glass for a safer drinking experience.

    Do you use REAL Swarovski and Preciosa Crystals?

    Yes, we use Genuine Swarovski Crystal Elements and Preciosa Crystals in all of our crystal products.

    Care Instructions

    To clean, rinse with water and towel dry. 

    • Always remove drink markers and wine charms before washing or heating the glass.  Drink markers will last much longer if they are gently rinsed with soapy water and towel dried.
    • Do not place drink markers or wine charms in the dishwasher or microwave

    Claim Your Glass today!  Cheers!