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    Claim Your Glass - Magnetic Drink Markers & Wine Charms

    Welcome to Claim Your Glass!  We are the premier producers of magnetic wine glass charms and drink markers - the clever and entertaining way to prevent drink mix-up and keep track of everyone's' glass at gatherings or events!

    Magnetic Drink Markers - The New Wine Charm

    Claim Your Glass drink markers is the modern alternative to the clanky & tacky hoop charms!  Our magnetic glass markers are not only innovative and entertaining, but allow you to identify any glass, even stemless! 

    Fun and Entertaining.

    Perfect for anyone looking to provide the WOW factor when entertaining and are great conversation starters...Let guests have fun choosing their drink marker from a variety of exclusive styles, themes, colors, and more!  

    Simple to Use.

    All of our drink markers and wine charms use very strong rare-earth magnets to simply connect through the glass, or around the stem of a glass.  Perfect for any occasion, they are reusable, bringing function and style to all of your gatherings! 

    Shop our unique collection of drink markers and wine glass charms and make a memorable impression at any event!

    Visit our store now and Claim Your Glass today!